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MER DE SULU CEBU START february 26 2024

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Boarding CEBU CITY (from 1 to 5 pm) // Disembarkation PUERTO PRINCESA (from 8 to 11 am )

SULU SEA CEBU START 3 to 4 dives a day,
Classic route of 8N/9D , can be extended on request according to the availabilities.

We sail to south west to dive in Sumilon ,Cabilao, Bohol. We will stop in Balicasag to dive in Black Forest and Rico's Wall, where we can spot schools of jack fishes, and hiding frog fishes. We keep going South to meet the Whale Sharks.
On Apo Island we can visit the beach, a paradise for macro lovers. Then we sail West to reach the Cagayancillo Islands. They are a small archipelago of extremely isolated islands. The dive sites are remarkable, with deep walls and lots of pelagic passing by spectacular gorgonians.

Departure at evening to Tubbataha marine National park, where we will stay 4 days. We will explore the fabulous NORTH and SOUTH atolls, and JESSIE BEAZLEY REEF.
We find, in Tubbataha Reefs, the largest coral and shark density worldwide.There are several pelagic species such as dog tooth tunas, barracudas, Guitar shark, Manta, Mobula ray, grey reef sharks, hammerhead sharks, tiger sharks, silky, sharks and Whale sharks.

We will choose the best dive sites for these 4 fabulous days . The trip finish in Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

The itinerary and the dive number can be modified by the diving Director acording to the local conditions.
The Boarding is 13H.....17H at Cebu Yacht Club , from the airport or from your hotel in Cebu City a guide will drive you to the boat, embarkement, briefing, and presentation of your cabin.

Dive 1: CEBU Dive with Whale sharks..
Dive 2: BOHOL Black Forest wall 45 m deep with seafans,corals, barracudas, uncountable turtles, schools of jack fishes. .
Dive 3: BOHOL Heaven for divers because of it's nice corals and it's large quatity of green turtles..

Dive 4: NEGROS A very colored dive with it's schools of fish animated by strong currents..
Dive 5: NEGROS taggering coral reef sloping down ending in a wall. Commonly sight leave fish, ghost pipe fish and frog fishes. This site is also know for it's quantity of green turttles..
Dive 6: NEGROS is a huge hard coral garden, healthy, untouched, somthing very rare on earth today. The coral formations are perfect. We can spot mandarin fishes and a lot of turtles.

Dive 7: CAGAYANCILLO ISLANDS it is a strait wall with an overhand in the wall done by sea erosion, totally covered by giant seafans.We can spot barracudas hunting, as well sharks and school of jack fishes..
Dive 8: CAGAYANCILLO ISLANDS Clear water, untouched corals, we'll be looking for hammerhead sharks in the deep water..
Dive 9: CAGAYANCILLO ISLANDS Very deep wall with it's schools of jack fish..

Dive 10: TUBBATAHA The biggest cleanning station in Tubbataha reefs is a perfect dive site for the divers. It's a drift dive on an healthy plateau where any sighting can happen as silky sharks, schools of grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks. The most lucky divers will see whale sharks or even the guitar shark.
Dive 11: TUBBATAHA It's a deep wall covered by seafans on hundreads meters. We'll be looking for pymy seahorses.
Dive 12: TUBBATAHA North East corner of the North Atoll where currents are meeting. This drift dive allow the mostluchy divers to see the whale sharks and to pass through schools of jack fish or barracudas.
Dive 13: TUBBATAHA Extraordinary ambiance on this plateau covered by acropora tables.

Dive 14: TUBBATAHA To dive to enjoy the huge manta ray cleaning station. This is a long drift dive (hundreads meters) where we can be surprised by anythingas big pelagics, Tiger sharks, hammerheads grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and black tip sharks.
Dive 15: TUBBATAHA Strait wall with strong currents, we can observe whale shark passing but as well manta rays, grey reef sharks, hammerheads... The dive ends on the manta cleanning station.
Dive 16: TUBBATAHA a drifting scuba dive above a shinning white sand plateau in contrast with Japanese gardens, the sun lightning the corals give an extraordinary dimension to this dive.
Dive 17: TUBBATAHA Large plateau of untouch starghorn corals, territory of the green turttles.

Dive 18: TUBBATAHA Looking for school of hammerhead sharks in the blue, we continue on a magnificent coral plateau under the shadow of school of jack fishes.
Dive 19: TUBBATAHA special dive site with a large crack on the reef. This is a hunting place for all type of predators. We can be surprised by anyof the big predators as tiger sharks or hammerheads... The dive contiinue drifting on a magnificient plateau of corals.
Dive 20: TUBBATAHA To dive to enjoy the huge manta ray cleaning station. This is a long drift dive (hundreads meters) where we can be surprised by anythingas big pelagics, Tiger sharks, hammerheads grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and black tip sharks.

Dive 21: TUBBATAHA It is an outside reef in the north west of the atolls. An outstanding atmosphere for a dive with extreme feelings. Hammerhead sharks, silky sharks and grey sharks are frequent. The coral garden, very protected makes gigantics stairs of acropores . The current is there sometimes strong and attracts the big pélagiques and the whale sharks to eat plankton.

Dive 23: TUBBATAHA To dive to enjoy the huge manta ray cleaning station. This is a long drift dive (hundreads meters) where we can be surprised by anythingas big pelagics, Tiger sharks, hammerheads grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and black tip sharks.

Return to Port of Puerto Princesa, the disembarkation is from 08H.....11H, we will drive you to the airport or to your hotel in Puerto Princesa
The route can undergo modifications according to the weather conditions or the safety conditions . The description of the dives is based on what we were able to observe regularly, but every dive is different

CEBU SULU SEA from VISAYAS Pierre Laurent, phone +639176885182
This Liveaboard crosses the Sulu Sea from Visayas to Tubbataha in March , starting from Cebu, to the southwest it alocates : Bohol , Dumaguete, Apo island, Negros, Cagayans islands , Tubbataha Atolls, and arrival to Puerto Princesa.

Your arrival at Cebu Mactan airport must be scheduled on early afternoon.
Your return flight from Puerto Princesa must be scheduled on early afternoon to respect the desaturation time

Boarding time :Cebu Yacht Club from 1 pm to 5 pm
(Cebu Yacht Club adress: Lapu-Lapu, F. Martir St, Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu, Philippines)
Disembarking time:Puerto Princesa from 8 am to 11 am

The boat is docked to: Cebu Yacht Club. You must be on board for the briefing at 6 pm . The boat sails at 7 pm .

They are included .
We wil pick you up at Cebu Mactan airport , or at your hotel from 1 pm to 5 pm. (the exact time of your transfer will be sent to you by email one week before departure)
The disembarkement is from 8 to 11 am, we will drive you to Puerto Princesa airport or to your hotel.

If you come from Manila, you can reserve on-line local flights on www.cebupacificair.com, www.philippineairlines.com
Don’t forget to ask for an extra bagage weight (up to 30 KG per person)

Airport of Cebu Mactan 5 minutes away from the boat.
Airport of Puerto Princesa 10 minutes away from the boat.

Seadoors sails at 7 pm

Electricity 220 Volt, international electric plugs, towels are provided

Water temperature 28 to 30 degres celsius , Shorty or wetsuit 3 mm

There are 8 passenger cabins, all spacious and confortable, with many storage spaces, a desk, many portholes, they are air conditioned, all cabins have a private bathroom and toilets, hot water, the towels are provided. All cabins have two beds lower couple bed and upper single bed.
We acomodate only two persons in each cabin.

THE DELUXE CABINS. N1 N2 (Extra charge 50 Euros per person)
The two deluxe cabins are on the first deck, near the salon, They are the biggest, they allow an access to the bed by both sides.

These two cabins are located on the first deck on the front of the boat.

These four cabins are located on the second deck, between te dining room on the back and the Wheelhouse on the front.