visayas-odyssey Diving Liveaboard Philippines

With the cruise VISAYAS ODYSSEY, we propose you a long tour with the best dive sites located in Visayas. Pelagics lovers will enjoy the diversity of this cruise with the Thresher shark of Malapascua, the white tip reef sharks, black tip sharks and as well the catsharks. In southern Leyte and Oslob are the Whale sharks. The macro lovers will use their macro lents too for the pigmy seahorse, Arlequin shrimps, mandarin fish. The best divers will play to find the mimetic frog fish, octopus ... The itinerary of this Visayas Odyssey makes a circle from Malapascua to Apo Island, passing by Southern Leyte and Bohol. Some land excursions are proposed to explorer the Philippines Islands too.

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visayas-odyssey Diving Liveaboard Philippines

VISAYAS ODYSSEY liveaboard, 9N/10D 3 to 4 dives per day.

Let’s go for a real Odyssey in Visayas. This cruise brings together the best Visayas spots from North to South and East to West.
Departure at night fall from Cebu to reach Monad Shoal with the Thresher sharks of Malapascua, then Dona Marylin wreck and Gato island Tunel with an extraordianry night dive...
Then course to South heading to Camotes islands with a land excursion proposed to go in underground fresh water bath.
We continue South to meet the whale sharks in Pintuyan, and explore the wonderful site of Napantao where are hidden several frog fish, pygmy seahorses.
Direction Bohol to reach Anda bay with it’s mandarin fish and a land excursion also proposed to explore the Chocolate Hills and see the Tarsiers.
Then we go more South to dive in Apo Island and we’ll finish with the Whale sharks in Oslob and then Cabilao island known for it’s untouched coral reef and it’s large underwater diversity.

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