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Seadoors Diving liveaboard March 2016  Video summary

Here is our last underwater sightings from the Philippines. It shows the diversity of the animals from the Visayas and the Sulu Sea. Whale sharks, Hammerheads and Mantas are present.

In the video introduction, the dolphins that playing at the bow of Seadoors  are Spinners dolphins. We meet them many times around all the Philippines.

The school of fish are sometimes that big that they can swallow the divers. They make long tubes playing with currents. They are made of predators and other species that trying to look big to protect themselves. We have here an example of Lutjanus and Jacks(Trevallies) which are very common in the Philippines.

The more common sharks in the Philippines are White tip reef sharks, Thresher sharks and Whale sharks. We have a school of white tip reef sharks in the video, the best observers will see that on of the White tip has a jaw dislocation. We call it "Paquiao" which is the name of the famous Filipino International Boxing Champion.

The hammerheads observed are "Sphyrna Lewini", they are usually in groups. They are easily seen during this part of the season at 30m deep.

They are very curious and we've been able to make them go up upto 10m that day during 40 minutes. It was a great pleasure !

We had an interaction with the Tiger sharks as well, during this season.

On this video the tiger shark is a big female who was surprised by Seadoors divers very early in the morning close to the reef. She is normally together with a male,  which is a bit smaller. Tiger sharks are very territorial, we observe them every year on these sites...

Manta rays here are six, they are reef mantas which come to be cleaned by the wrasses on the cleaning station.

In the video, you can also see Silky sharks, Silver tip shark, Nurse sharks, Porcupine ray and Marble ray...


Diversity ? you said diversity ? what a diversity here !


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