Tubbataha Philippines Diving Liveaboard

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park consists of two huge Atolls and Reefs : the Tubbataha North Atoll,The Tubbataha South atoll and in the NorthWest part, the Jessie Beazley Reef.

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The spectacular Tubbataha Pelagics, the pleasure diving in the Philippines

Tubbataha is a protected area of the Philippines, in the middle of the Sulu sea, and declared as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Dolphins, sharks, turtles, whales, and napoleon wrasses
will be observed during your diving liveaboard. There are 11 species of sharks, and 479 species of fish. Tubbataha has the largest concentration of white tip reef sharks
in the world.

All these pelagic species are represented by tunas, jack fishes, barracudas, and as well as manta rays, hammerheads, silky sharks, whale sharks... two species of turttles
which are endangered.

The bow mouth guitar shark

The amazing tubbataha fauna

There are 350 species of corals. There is large coral gardens and walls falling to more than 100 meters. It is the most famous dive site in the Philippines and one of the World. Located 93 miles southeast
of Puerto Princesa, Tubbataha reef can only be reached by Diving Liveabords.

From JESSIE BEAZLEY REEF to the NORTH and SOUTH ATOLLS of Tubbataha, Seadoors will take you to enjoy the maximum of your dives in this exceptional paradise of the Philippines.
Tubbataha is a natural aquarium which will surprise you at any moment... in the famous dives sites of Wall Street, Washing Machine,
Shark Airport, Delsan wreck, Triger Fish City, Black Rock, Amos Rock,Seafan Alley and Malayan Wreck.


At night fall,we will depart in direction of East for the best liveaboard experience of your diver life.