southern-visayas Diving Liveaboard Philippines


     In the South of Visayas are concentrated world reputation diving sites, the polychromatic hard and soft corals, are protected, the diversity and the wealth of the coral fauna, is essential for the presence of predators who often evolve in shoal, the micro fauna is particularly interesting here. We made a selection the best "spots" from Bohol to Apo Island close of Sulu Sea, the observation of the Tanawan whale sharks comes to crown this submarine festival.

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southern-visayas diving liveaboard.

 SOUTHERN VISAYAS Diving liveaboard 3 to 4 dives a day,
Classic route of 6 nights, can be extended on request according to the availability.
The cruise SOUTHERN VISAYAS crosses the South of the archipelago of Visayas, we made a selection the best sites of Bohol Island as well as those of Apo Island, and we will make you enjoy the Whale sharks of Tanawan.
Departure at nightfall route to the South in the direction of Bohol, awakening to Cabilao, polychromatic plateau and wall micro faun and sometimes whale shark in the blue, further south Panglao, Then Anda bay; in l the West, beyond Bohol sea we shall spend one day to Apo Island.
Return by Oslob for the the whale sharks choreography , then a last one stop to Balicassag. 

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