Diving liveaboard Seadoors Philippines

Visayas special shark diving liveaboard Philippines Seadoors.

The Visayas diving liveaboard special shark in Philippines, strarting from Cebu, is a diving liveaboard with M/V Seadoors  focusing on  the watching of Visayas sharks. This diving liveaboard sails all around the Visayas, to dive at Malapascua, Leyte, Bohol, Apo Island. To the program the threshers Sharks of Malapascua, the majestic whale sharks of Visayas, but also all the range   of the coral sharks. The hammer sharks, grey sharks , tiger sharks will be more difficult to chase away

The diving liveaboard route is directed to the sharks search, it can increase the distances , the navigation is mostlly by night.

this diving liveaboard is specialy for confirmed divers

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