Sulu Sea Departure Palawan diving Liveaboard Philippines

The Sulu Sea transition is a fantastic diving liveaboard in the Philippines

Every year in June, Seadoors propose a diving liveaboard which goes to Cebu from Palawan by crossing Sulu Sea in the Philipines.
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The departure from Puerto Princesa Palawan

Palawan is the biggest island in Western Philippines. Seadoors organise liveaboards from October to March in Visayas and from March to June in Tubbataha.
The Sulu Sea Liveaboard departure Palawan offers an overview of these two diving areas. The liveaboard start from Puerto Princesa, which is the capital of Palawan Island also known as "the last frontier"

Tubbataha Stopover 

The Liveaboard spend 3 to 4 days stopover in Tubbataha, this site has a world wide reputation. Tubbataha is a National Marine Park recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The dives in Tubbataha are like in a fairytale.
All big pelagics are represented. The Liveaboard continue to Cagayan Islands.


Sulu Sea Crossover 

The trip brings us to Cagayans Island, these Islands are alone in the center of the Sulu Sea, they are basaltic islands which give deep underwater walls and draw giant steps.
Seafans are huge because of their exposition to the rich curents.

Visayas arrival

The dives in this area are the exploration of the south Visayas from Apo Island to Negros and to Bohol. We can observe whale sharks in this area of Philippines consistently.
but the dives have others interests; in a coral garden underwaterscape, located is a big biodiverity of fish and nudibranches.

The Sulu Sead Diving Liveaboard est one of the best of the Philippines...... An adventure not to be missed!

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